Im Am Loney

Im tried of coming home from work to an empty apartment. i really want a good woman to share my life with. a decent woman who would call me to give me inspiration, to say hello, to say she cares, to say she loves me. i search all the time, i open my door, my heart, my soul. i pray about it. i do everything there is in the book and more. whats it going to take? Yes, ive done that too. Ive done it all. Just someone for me, its all im asking. A good single woman who really wants to be with someone and play no games. why does it have to be so hard and so damn cruel? Just someone for me please, if you are out there let me know email me do something -- communicate, tell me, anyway, im here waiting for you to come into my life.

wan05 wan05
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You will find her when you stop looking so hard.

Anything worth a damn is worth putting some work in for. You need to get out and go to clubs and stuff. There are alot of people out there who aren't right for you so it's best if you start searching now.