Grandchildern"s birthday

My grandchildern"s birthday   is today, but I haven"t heard

from them to wish them A happy birthday..God knows I have So much to be grateful

for, but I feel so hurt and lonley for them I helped to raise the kids

but I have to deal with the lonioness, because I do miss them, by the way they are twins and

In their late teens I am grateful They are healthy and happy, & doing well in School:-)

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You had a good point, I did track them down, thank <br />

I don't know why you feel so lonely and you don't have contact to them. Is it difficult to get in touch with them? Just a birthday might be a very good reason for this. If you know where to get them, do it! Your're the granny and maybe they are waiting for you!

When ever I am lonley or hurt about my problems, I try and find something about the problem to be grateful for<br />
<br />
Thanks Florlady for your comment...

i have 2 grandkids bluebird and i am very grateful!