All Alone

I went to my sons final hockey game last night.All the parents were there.They were all so happy together as couples with there kids.I sat there and looked around and looked at my two boys,oh how i love them.I felt alone as my wife never does anything with us.It is so bad that most people don`t think i am married.Imagine a single father,i want to cry.

Is it bad for a man to cry.I hope not because i have cried all alone.I am lonely for someone to hold and cry with.To mend my broken heart.

Listen to me.At least i have my kids.

In closing i want to tell everyone to stop and hug your spouse before it is to late.

hoovey7 hoovey7
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Wow .... if she doesn't change fast you will be headed for divorce. And who could fault you.,,, and I know we all want ouf kids to be successful and well adjusted ... and they will - but they will probalby learn a lot more thn you realize. You know, i've been whee you are. It took me three years just to seperate from him, Looking back I think to myself - why did I let it go on so long? Good luck, hon.