No One to Go to

Sometimes when I am alone I want to talk with someone but there is no one to talk to. I have some friends but they aren't always available and they can't always be there for me. I have told friends that I am alone and their answer is to go out and make some friends. I would do that if it was so easy. I am not the kind of man that just has friends. I withdraw from life and spend my time alone to hide from I don't know what. Then when I am looking for someone I don't have any options.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

U can find a lot of good friends on EP !!!

I'll be your friend....

I know how it feels because I withdraw too. It hurts because we don't want to be like this, we don't want to isolate ourselves, we don't choose to lead a solitary life but its like its instinct for us. Are you an overly introverted person? Some people actually embrace their loner lifestyle buts its no fun keeping to oneself; everything sort of lacks a purpose when there is no-one to share it with. Its frustrating huh? I struggle with my loneliness on a daily basis...

im here if you ever need to talk!