Lonely In a Crowd..

 iam not as such  a lonely person means i friends i have family i am not isolated tehn also it sometmes feel from inside that iam lonely ia dont know why may be its what i think its like everyoe is around u and whn u actually need then u understand that yah u r lonely.......

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I like that idea. Helping someone else can take your mind off of your problems. I understand lonely and deal with it often. That sounds like a good idea. I used to love to volunteer, need to do it again.

I'm sorry you are feeling lonely. I have a couple things I do when I'm feeling down. I go to the local animal shelter and pet the animals. Also I like to pick up a few McDonalds or other fast food restaurant gift certificates. Then I watch for people that look like they are having a bad day and I give them a gift certificate. If I don't have any money, I just try to see if I can do 10 random acts of kindness before I go to bed. These things get my mind off of myself and end up making me feel much better.