I Literally Have No Friends.

I've always been shy but I've always had friends. At some times I've had lots and lots of friends. I just don't understand why, right now, I don't have any friends. None. And I know I should. I am young and I'm fun and I'm nice and maybe mildly pretty to some people, but nobody wants to be around me. I left my job to start school a few months ago, and a guy there said, "So are you getting together with all your friends before you leave?" and I paused, and then just said, "I don't have any friends." He looked at me like I was ridiculous and said, "Oh, yes you do," kind of the way someone might compliment you if you mention you're not so great. But I don't.

Last night, in a fit of lonliness I realized that nobody, in the entire world, would wake up and think they want to see me today. Nobody. Nobody wants to see me.

I have not had a "new" friend since June of 2006, the year I met my last boyfriend. We were together for two years. Since we've been broken up, I had a couple months where I reconnected with a friend from my childhood, but now she's lost herself in drugs and all around treats me horribly so I'd rather not be around her, even though sometimes my loneliness drives me so crazy I'll call her. Though she rarely answers.

What is wrong with me? I want to rally everyone up and just ask them. What makes you want to see other people and not me? What makes you not answer the phone when I call? What makes you go, "Umm, yeah, maybe..." when I ask if you want to hang out? Why does everyone at my work talk and laugh with each other but not with me? I try. I really have tried.

This winter, I started a new school. I was determine to make friends. I came to class open and willing and ready. I talked to people, even though I was unbearably nervous. I met a girl my age who made me laugh, so we started hanging out a bit. We texted and hung out a few times, but then suddenly she just stopped talking to me. I'd come to class and say hi, and she'd just kind of nod and then leave after class without saying anything even though she week before we'd gone to the city together, all day. It stung, because this was the first person I actually kind of like that wanted to hang out with me back and every time I talked to her, I was nervous. I'd try to relax, and sometimes, when we'd been talking for awhile I would. I told her I could give her a ride or show her around (she'd just moved form out of state and didn't have a car), and I think I was nice and fun with her. But then she was just, I don't know, done. She just stopped talking to me and I couldn't take it. I hated the class anyway, so I dropped out. So that's the last time I thought I might be able to make a friend. I tried really hard and it backfired. What is wrong with me? If I knew, I would change. I'm so lonely. I just wake up and sit in my room. I go to work and I come home and sit in my room. I feel sick all the time. I just want to know somebody likes me, somebody wants to be around me. I want to feel worthwhile, but if nobody consideres me worthwhile, then I'm not.

I just want to make somebody laugh and smile just because they're with me and they're having a good time. I lose my mind every night. I am so lonely.

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I am the exact same way, it sucks. I'm drowning in my own loneliness, I don't know what to do I'm so depressed. I feel like my life is over I'm too young to be feeling this way.

Almost the same thing I've been through since I was a little. I changed many schools, I talked to many people but they seemed to hate me or ignore me just for the person I was I don't think I did somehting wrong. After many tries I gave up in making friends and I started to focus on myself and sometimes it's pretty annoying living like that... the sad part it's that I am just a child and I've been through this since 4... I played alone with my toys and I used to stay on the grass and watch the clouds moving, imagining a paralel univers where I am happy, where people talk to me back, where I smile, where I can enjoy the joy of life being soruounded by people who love me. I'll be 18 this year, so no birthday party or stuff like that. In the past two years my thoughts got darker and darker and I started to hate all those people and I stoped socializing. Even my father abandoned me since birth so only my mom was near but she was not the stereotipical sweet mother, she was cold as ice and she hid her love to me. I really have a warm heart but those years sorounded me with coldness and darkness... I wish I had the live of those who I saw laughing, helping each others, loving themselves, going out together, going to parties. Some told me that from now on things will be ok but it's nonsense... that 's the way that I grew up and I think that when I'll go to college or when I'll get a job I'll live like I did since 4 till this day.

The thing is that's it's hard for a child to not laugh... All children should be happy. I was always wondering: why me? Why am I so special?

All the people that I used to talk to( for a short period) at some point they started to ignore me... and I asked them: why? no response just rude things and calling me a "freak".

I wish someone text me or ask me to go out, wish me HBD, ask me how things are going...

I had girlfriends at some point but they were talking to me only for the way I was looking, for my features...(at least I can Thank God that I am not an ugly person, I am a handsome young man with a beautiful smile, rarely seen)
I lose my mind in this loneliness and I do not know what to do... the good thing is that I do not drink, smoke or take drugs.
Sometimes I stall have hope that one day I will meet a person that would be interested in me... but that this hope is driving me crazy.

Everyone who's reading this: I apologise for my mistakes, English is not my native language and I do not live in a country where English is spoken.

This is an old post but I just typed in Im so lonely on google and here I am. I guess no one has been lonely since 2009. I just broke up with my husband of ,20 yrs. Well its been two years. Im not bouncing back. I am a fun person to hang with, well, I have had to enjoy my own. Company for the last 2 yrs. I used to have alot of friends. My ex was verbally abusive and emotiinally brutal. I guess that keeps me from reaching out. I feel alot of pain alot of the time due to lonliness. I dont talk about it. I recently joined a gym cuz of depression was making me fat. I dont know. I just feel like no one cares. I fantasize about suicide often. Just wondered if anything ever helped any of you

I know how you feel. I have friends but they are not exactly the people I want to be around in my life right now. I have always been the cool girl, the partier. So I made friends accordingly. But now all I want is just a good girl friend. One who has morals and a good family so here I an with friends but no friends at the same time. You are not alone. No one is alone in how they feel.

after reading this..i realize this happend to be.i've always be the quiet one everywhere i went..it always seems hard for me to make new friends..but everyone i meet tell me i'm friendly and kind..and that i treat my friends with respect..thn one day i met this girl.we connected..we would text each other everyday..but one day..she just 'STOPPED' for no reason at all..i even tried adding her in facebook..but nothing happends..i wanted to ask my friends if there was anything wrong with me..if i was annoying..coz if it was at least i could try to change..thanks for making me feel i'm not the only one..

Years ago I read a book called The Lonely Crowd. Most of us are lonely. Nevertheless, it appears to me, as to you, that others have friends to chat with and I do not. I don't understand how others "seem" to have people who like them, and I do not. I often feel unpopular. I note some people are popular and I am not. I am 70 years old and I have a family, but even they sometimes do not give me with "friends" satisfaction I crave. I often feel forgotten, and this is so the older I get. I have come to terms with it and accepted it. There are so many things about life that I truly enjoy on my own. Moreover, I think we often expect too much attention. People are mainly self-centered and focused on their own lives. So it is easy to forget others. Sometimes I also feel sorry for them that they do not know me, because I think I am a VERY interesting person, while a lot of people I see who are more "sociable" and really rather superficial. Maybe that's sour grapes, but it consoles me somehow.

Even though you feel lonely, you are not alone on this. I too feel lonely most of the time. I am not a social person and not good at making conversations. It's hard but you are not the only one going through this. <br />
<br />
I hope things will get better for you.

You are truely not alone. I have this same feeling all the time. My best friend died leaving me with nothing. I tried to reconect with old friends but I guess I was too needy. That seems to scare people if you need them. You must play hard to get. That's what I think anyway. That's what I'm gonna try to do. I hope it gets better and that if you find the answer you will share it with the rest of us.

I can really understand what you are going through heulen because I am going through the same things myself. Two years ago I started a new job and got on really well with everyone, and made some really good friends. One particular friend I would have considered my best friend at work now speaks to everyone except me, other than what is neccessary to be polite. Now, no-one likes me anymore. Our experiences seem very similar so I know how frustrating and upsetting it is. I hope things get better for you, and you can message me anytime you want a chat.

i also feel your pain..it is frustrating and sad to feel unloved and misunderstood..even in the midst of many people, i still feel it..i won't give you any advice or answers because i don't have any, but know that you are not alone in this.

do you still feel this way? its been a few years. I'm feeling it now and have been for two going on three years

I feel your pain. Though I have my moments of greatness, I too am lonely. I am afraid to let people get too close. I catch and release. I don't want to say it will get better, you must find a way to make it better. Get out and do some mingling at places you enjoy to go. Try not to double guess yourself with what you say, learn something from every conversation and ditch that loneliness.

I know how it is being lonely. I am always alone it seems. <br />
I have one true friend. and she lets me come to her for the most part but if I don't she comes to me

you may just be going thru a faze. it will get better!

There are people who do understand your predictament. Hope things get better for you soon.