It's So Hard to Connect.

You know, a lot of people who have a high IQ tend to have trouble connecting with people, such as myself.  But sometimes I feel like I'm on a different emotional level than a lot of people.  Where as most people just tend to talk about their interests and hobbies, etc, I like to learn about people at a deeper level and figure out what makes them 'tick',  so to speak.  I guess it's my intellectual side that drives me to want to learn and get to the bottom of a person but I'm not trying to do a Freudian type analysis, I just like to know things about somebody at a deeper level.  So, for me, I get hit with a double whammy of lonliness because I have trouble finding people to have intelligent conversations with but to also fully express feelings and emotions with each other. 


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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

You fully express me.I hate small talk so I always end up alone.The only person that I could talk with great pleasure about deep things betrayed me in the worst way and hurted me.Maybe it's better to keep our thoughts secret because the hurting of this betrayal is unbearable.Talking about it in this page may help because everybody here is anonymous.

it is quite hard sometimes!