Forced Solitude

I have reached a stage in life where I experienced death of both my parents and a painfully broken marriage in a period of just 2 years. The burden has eased and now a new pain of lonliness prevails.  I feel like finishing myself at times but cannot do so. The apathy of the society and friends around me offends me sometimes. Everyone has something to say but do not want to lend an ear.  I am seriously trying to shift out of India and relocate somewhere but am trapped at the moment.  I am a qualified teacher in Physics, students seek guidance from me but actually I am in dire need of counselling. 

pamol pamol
3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

well then get some counselling if that what makes you feel better. concentrate on what you're doing in your life. get a partner [if you haven't already]! that'll take up most of your time. i guarantee you won't even think about it. or.. start some clubs. sport or something. keep yourself occupied. i guarantee your life will change when you get out and about, try new things. be adventurous.

You should get counseling.And then make a trip to the world.You know everywhere it's the same.Nobody cares for the man next door.But relocating somewhere else may be good for you.Especially if you go to a small village of a small country.It's a bet.But doing nothing is worse.

you should get some kind of counseling then!