I Am Lonely

I am lonely, not because I am alone, but because my heart has yet to find a home.

I am lonely, not because of what I choose, but because of what I refuse.

I am lonely, not because I am desperate, but because my desire is desolate.

I am lonely, not because of what I seek, but because of what I couldn't find.

(C)CLAV 09


And if the reader appreciates the read, I, the writer would appreciate if you would let me know. Thank you! 

ThaLonelyStoner ThaLonelyStoner
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8 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Over our heads is in my opinion a cheery lonely song. But "The Space Between" really gets you thinking...<br />
I'm sitting in my flat in Tokyo from where you can see the night city lights. That plus this song. Hell yes.


I just came across this story again after browsing through my library. I know this is late but...I love "over our heads!" It's such a coincidence that you should mention Zero 7 because I only just got into them a few days ago. The last 20 seconds of that song are so beautiful that it leaves me hanging every time.<br />
<br />
Lucky I rediscovered this story!

I really like it, it makes you stop and think, think about yourself.<br />
Keep putting em out there, gives a little insight into you.

Thank you Antigravity!

Musicspirit, you are welcome, and yes this is my own work, I wrote it today while listening to "over our heads" by Zero 7.... I tryed to message you but your page would not allow it for some reason, so I just left the comment here I hope that you will read it.

wow really nice. Make one for I am LOVED. can you can you pleaseeeeeeee. Thank You. <br />
oh or are you really lonely that is the reason why your poem came out so nice? ok let me know one way or the other

This...is what I feel. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it; I really do.<br />
Is this your own work?