I Shouldn't Be..

But I am lonely. I do have friends and a family around me but I always a little left out of everything. I started a new job recently with two of my friends and already everyone seems to like them more than they like me and I try my best to be nice and friendly to people but noone seems to care. I just seem to always be the third wheel or there just because of my best friend. I wish sometimes that I was completely alone then I'd have nothing to worry about, noone to dislike me, noone to tell me what they think of me. I just feel so alone a lot of the time and watch my friends fall in love and have people fall in love with them and i start to wonder, whats wrong with me..?

Phynn Phynn
3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I think maybe u just too focus with yourself? don't try hard to make others like u, just be who u are, eventually they will love u for who u are :)

It's not easy being lonely.<br />
I find that being on EP really helps

Sometimes speaking up helps, Not so much by expressing how lonely you are, but speaking up to be noticed. I hope you can feel like you belong somewhere. Also just think, when you endure pure loneliness, you better appreciate the feeling of having that special someone(s) around. Good luck to you.