i am alone, with or without people around me. i feel alone in my views and opinions, i am still looking for my 'Soul Mate'

the only time i dont feel alone is with my best friend, i have been friends for about 20 years (im only 24) we are close but we have our own lives and have driffted apart lately. i miss him and yet i only saw him yesterday!

Bobro Bobro
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I am too searching for my soul mate. I could be in a packed club, or a packed stadium and yet feel alone. I kind of like it tho :) <br />
It makes you feel... different.

I sympathize with you especially on the point of "opinions and views" ... I think our culture is broken.

Sorry to hear you feel this way. <BR>At least you have one good friend you can rely on - thats great :)<br />
I guess, being 24 myself, I hope that there are many opportunities in the future for you to make new friends - I hope I continue to!