This Sucks

I just found out not to long ago that I contracted HPV from my last partner. Ive been looking forward to getting into my mid twenties and excited about the process of finding someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Now that this has happened I feel disconnected from all of my friends, a girl ive had a huge crush on for a couple years finally told me that she has liked me and I had to make up an excuse as to why I couldnt see her.

It feels like Im just watching all of my friends live out the rest of their lives and enjoy dating and Im completely screwed. Even with my buddies now when we they talk about girls they think are hot I have to be careful with what I say because if they find out one likes me, there would be no reason for me not to hook up with them. I just feel like Im going to grow old by myself and that ill never get to experience the things in life that everyone would hope to.

My brothers kiddingly bug me now that im not seeing anyone and i just kinda have to smile and shrug it off with a comeback even though its actually tough to have to answer the "are you seeing someone right now" question from my family every time we have get togethers.

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Your a guy you can probably get something done about is weird though because most guys don't know they have it...only girls get the side mum had it though and she got treated and it went away. I know theres also shots for girls I wonder if guys can get it as well?