Recently, I suspect strongly, I was betrayed by two members in my family

I'm trying to accept my thoughts and feeling and deal with this...

Bluebird777 Bluebird777
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5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Love you Bluebird- I am so happy youre back!!

Yes when people you trust betray you, boy that is devasting. I find just by expressing myself about this help to go living your life in A peaceful way hopeful, I am happy you made your comment to me, I appreciate it..Some days I am rather peaceful, but other days I am upset... <br />
One thing I am sure off is, this too will PASS OK...:-)

I'm also here. I'm estrange with my family too. My mom left me a long time ago and I've been betrayed by the people I've trusted most in my life. <br />
Noone has to be lonely, I'm listening :)

Thanks Flourlady,<br />
I appreciate your comment, Just writing about this problem, is A great help to me, at this time..I do hope I'l overcome...!

if you need to talk about it- im here for you!