Invisible Me

My husband was the kindest sweetest man when we first met, now 20years later I am just his cook, cleaner, and someone to yell at. I work all day long in an office  job I hate then spend every evening alone while he sits upstairs  chatting to the world  on his PC and drinking. He often goes to bed without even saying goodnight. I would love to come home to a friend!!

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Do you think his drinking has something to do with his unpleasent attitude? if you do. there are groups, you can contact for understanding for drinking, if u r concern.<br />
I wish you well.,<br />

Suggestion talk to him about the distance, and what can be done. Try emailing him if he is that much into computers. Sometimes that is the only form of communication they understand. Begin to find new interest for yourself, make yourself interesting to him. Night classes, dance classes, join a church that has services mid week, make new friends. <br />
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Life is to short and there is much we can do to fill the void. Find the joy in your life, set a goal and then work toward reaching it. whether the goal is fitness, artistic or merely learning to cook something exotic. Make it fun for you especially if you have a job you hate. <br />
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When we do not like what we do and come home to something unpleasant then our entire is sad. You must remember that you have the ability to make choices and changes to make you happy. <br />
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It is always fun to change the way we look, dress etc. As ladies buying accessories and trying on a new dress heels etc. So fun to just be feminine get some new lingerie etc. New perfumes etc, make changes that are exciting and make you happy. <br />
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When the people closest to us do not show us love and do not fill our needs. We make choices to change things or simply change us. <br />
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"And the day came when the risk to remain closed in a bud was greater the the risk to blossom"<br />
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this sounds aweful-flour