I Am So Confused

Recently, my boyfriend was Baker acted (which means that he was taken against his will and instatutionalized for 72 hours). He would call me when he was there and he told me that he was so sorry for everything and that he couldnt wait to see me, and that he is so in love with me. but when he got out and came home on wednesday. he wanted me to come over because he said that he really missed me and needs me. and i feel the same way because i havnt seen him in five days. so i go over to his house and spend the night. everything is great. he is actually acting like a real boyfriend, loving and actually wanting to be around me. I think that everying is going to be like it should be, like it once was. but thursday goes by and he starts to get kind of quiet. friday he is starting to get kind of angry again and by that night he is like non existant, and by today he was completely distant from me, i think we only spoke to each other maybe twice all day, we didnt kiss at all once. and i dont think i touched him at all once today. he is supposed to be on some medication to help him monitor his moodswings, but lately, i havent really seen any changes, and now he is just doing the same things he has always done. He was supposed to quit smoking weed, and drinking and partying. but the only thing he has stopped is his drinking and partying. he still smokes like theres no tomorrow.

What i cant seem to understand, is how someone can go from telling you how much the need you and how much the are in love with you and missed you. to being completely distant and quiet. I asked him if he wanted me to come over tonight and he said no. He hasnt even asked me how im dealing with everything, i feel like im going to loose my mind any second now and i dont know what to do. the only person who i want to be around doesnt want me around. It almost like he is implying " oh, thanks for being there for me when i was locked up, but now that im out and i can smoke my weed, i dont really need you all that much. so just disregard what i told you while i was instatutionalized." i dont know what to do. im am at such a loss of words. here i am, trying to hold on to what sanity i have. and here he is, smoking weed and trying to pretend like nothing happend. so where does that leave me. am i to just sit by and see what happens. do i risk talking to him about it and see what his reaction is, and hope that he doesnt loose it. he did after all just get out of a mental health facility. i just dont know what to do.

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If you don't mind be asking, what exactly is his diagnosis? <br />
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If you're unsure, the medication name(s) will do. <br />
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Any idea why he was taken against his will to the instituition? He's lucky that they only kept him 72hours, I've heard of months, going on years when the state gets involved.