i'm going thru my life like there's nothing wrong. i fake a smile to get thru the days. family and friends dont realize how much suffering i'm going thru. sometimes i feel like im invisible. that no one truly understands me either that or they just don't care. when it comes to their problems though i'm the first person they call, but when i need a shoulder to cry on or if i need someone to talk to i'm left to figure it out myself. i feel like im in a constant state of going nowhere. i'm soooo lonely...i cant fathom my life without someone here with me. i can't seem to put myself out there because i'm scared. at the same time i don't want to be alone anymore. how do i get past the woe?

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cowshed actually i've tried esp. with my guy best friend and he basically seemed to not care....but when it comes to him i'm suppose to drop what im doing to try to figure out how to help him. i've tried with other people and again no result...so now i feel like i can't say too much, because they aren't listening anyway.<br />
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actually tuva i do understand what you are saying...i try to open up to people but it seems to go nowhere...its like im stuck...so i choose my words carefully and let people in slowly.<br />
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thanks Lost....in time the wounds will heal as they say...but sometimes i do feel like your name..."lost on this Journey"alone

I totally understand how you feel because I feel the same exact way...hang in there. One day at a time...

It can be very draining for someone who is already lonely to help others fight through the issues that they are having at the moment and then feel a lack of reciprocation, whether intentional or not. It's easy to say "look out for yourself" when buffeted by those that want your time and attention, but I know it's easier said than done. You take the time to help your friends/family because you are a good person and that isn't a fault. However, as hard as it is to open up to others from your end, it may be just what is needed to establish a kind of balance between giving and taking emotionally and thus take some of the pressure off. That's just my thoughts. Let me know if any of that ramble seemed completely off the mark to you. <br />
Take care.

actually i was..but now i don't know.

you see, maybe im wrong, but you say you dont have a problem talking to people, but that doesn't mean you dont have a problem talking to people about your actuall problems!!

thanks james...i will try

upforthecraic i tried the whole space thing with people and then we lost contact with each other...we have recently reconnected but the friendship isnt the same.<br />
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Lamchops that would be cool...it would make things a lot easier to vent with someone going thru the same...and if you need to vent or complain you can chat with me....<br />
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Coyotegray i hear what you are saying...i have been giving myself to them more than they have to me...its time for some me time...they can deal with their problems themself...thanks<br />
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cowshed123 having someone that can listen...really listen to you and fully understand is something that isn't really that common. i don't have a problem talking with people...well i don't think i do...i guess i need to do a little soul searching to figure that out. <br />
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To everyone i wish there were more people like the ones i've met on here. I really do appreciate all the kind words.

i am in the same situation as you unfocused!! i always do my best to look out for other people, and there's loads of people come to me for advice and so on, but when i feel down and so on, i always find it difficult to talk to people about it, mainly cos im a loner, and when i really do feel down, i find it difficult to talk to anyone, cos i can never find anyone that truly understands me as a person!!!

I also believe that you will be alright one day. If you need to vent, complain or confess anything you can talk to me! I am in a situation very similar to yours, maybe we will connect.<br />
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Hang in there!!!!

and i do believe that...well i use to, now i'm not sure what i believe anymore. i actually heard that before...now im making excuses...thats what i need to stop.

All you can do honey is keep strong, believe that you deserve the greatest, its just not the right time yet.<br />
All that you've given, will soon return at the right time.<br />
God looks after those who look after themselves.<br />
Make use of your free time, don't think so much of what happen, or what will happen... try to enjoy the moment.<br />
It's special to have your amazing caring qualities, but i think it's time you save it for yourself.