Im 21 years old moving from place to place alone trying to find a place in the world. Lost both of my parents last year my mom in feb to breast cancer and my dad in November to cancer. They both were abusive and abandoned me at a young age so ive always been on my own. Its weird to not have someone to run to when im having a bad day.. no one to call. nothing.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Though I realize nothing can replace a mother or father, you are not alone. I hope that in times in your life when you don't feel you have anyone, you log on and find support here.

:) thanks i havent looked into joining anything at the moment, I a bit busy with my job and then i have school right after.. most of my closer friends are into going out and getting wasted at the bars every weekend.. its nice to go out and have a drink sometime but i cant do that every weekend. Im in the process of trying to meet new ppl and having someone i can trust. <br />
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Leoine- i really like the way you think! :)