I am longly~I am a bisexsual~After getting this special right for us LGBT, I won't think we are kicked out by family, by world. I'm here as a bisexual, get very happy for this matter. Now I can speak out loudly "hi everyone, I'm a bisexual. I love the world." without any hesitation. Now, feel we are also common people as equal as others. "No matter we are gay, lesbian, bisexual or tansgender, our heart is full of love. And we also hope to have life-long love" said by one of my bisexual firiend met at the bisexual club   B i F l i r t s .c o m    on heart blog. Most of us like-minded people are deeply  moved by her honest words. Thanks for making us accepted by others. We are really proud of who we are.

wadeben wadeben
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

You should be you are all great people! I'm strait but i love anyone who's openminded about bisexuality!