Struggling to Stay Optimistic

 I've been in home school for two years. Thinking it would be absolutely great considering I have a hard time dealing with people my own age. Though over this time period I've lost just about all of my friends I managed to make. Things have been really hard for me lately and it's just really getting to me because I have no one to talk to about anything. I'll try and talk to my Mom but she doesn't even listen. It's like she'll nod her head and never really reply or even participate in the conversation. I'm just really sick of it.

The reason for me being lonely is simple right now I have no one, and I'm becoming very bitter about it all. I'm usually not a pessimistic person and I try my best to keep myself above water. But lately I'm just not having the will or motivation to do that. I'm sinking. Everything is weighing me down.

vespertine vespertine
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Let me know if you would like to be friends...I can't message you or see your profile because of your privacy restrictions, but if you want to talk, please do add me as a friend so i can help :)

I think you really need someone to talk to, that's all. Would you like to talk to me? I'd love to listen, I don't have people either...I understand the loneliness. You don't have to stay alone *hug*

Try and talk to God about it. I guess He will listen more than any one else will