Allways Alone

 I am an unhappy person, and because of that, I am often alone. Sometimes by choice, other times not my choice. The thing is I am alone. I have thought this all the way through and the end result has to be that there is something wrong with me. After my mother passed away, I became more of a recluse, and to continue to make things worse I have often been confronted with that fact. After losing my mother, my best friend and confidant, I just found myself alone. My father is on the other side of the us and my brothers don't care.

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Could you take your spouse with you?<br />
Maybe go to the movies with'll be surprised how little it can sometimes take. I took my boyfriend to the movies and now we know one of the guys that works there; we were half arguing with each other and the guy just started to laugh at us.<br />
Maybe go to a music festival..or find something you both enjoy and bring your spouse along. It could be a drag, but at the same time, it may give you some space.<br />
I really wish you the best.

I'm sorry. Your story sounds alot like mine. My mom passed away 8 years ago. I became a total recluse for at least 4 years. Then I started to go out little by little, I still suffer from depression and social phobias, but ep has helped tremendously. I also still feel like an orphan :(. Unfortunately, when you are unhappy or depressed most people do not want to be around you and unless you can act fake it is very hard to make friends when you are in a depression, although people on ep are very supportive. In the outside world though, it is difficult. I'm here if you want to talk, and I hope you feel better.

You don't have any way to get out and meet people?<br />
Have fun go to a festival, save up some money and take a small vacation, find a church or a group of people that you get along with i.e. a book club, chess club, archaeology club, anything.<br />
I've never had many friends, so I know what it's like, but at the same time, it's definitely possible to find people you connect with.