..and I Can't Talk to Anyone.

I always knew I was not a very social person.

But I have a few good friends, a boyfriend and a wonderful family.

I am used to stay alone and sometimes I also think that if I cannot find the time to stay just with myself, I'd go mad. But meantime...I feel constantly lonely. I won't say there's no one who loves me or who makes me feel loved.

The problem is that I think I have seriuos problem in talking, speaking, explaining what happens to me...what I feel...what are my thoughts... So I think nobody really knows me.

Nobody really knows how I feel sometimes, whereas I am happy or sad or...feel lonely.

I know its just my fault, I know I'd have to try speak out...but I just can't. everytime I try...nothing came out, simply. The thought of talking about myself with others...it hurts me and scares me.

I know its kinda insane...but I am sick of it. And I don't know what to do..

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I can understand you,I know how hard and painful you fell.But you should not take this as your disabled or shortcomings,face the problem brave and try to solve it.You will believe you can!

One way I avoid feeling lonely is by being on here and making some friends.<br />
I know its just another escape from reality, but I believe its a productive one since we're able to talk with others about our lives, without fear of being judged.

At least he accepts what your going through and is there for you.<br />
Hopefully as you get closer you'll be able to let him in more.<br />
Try not to be so hard on yourself.

Its hard for a lot of people to say what they feel, including myself, but the good news is, you just did!!<br />
Maybe you can communicate occasionally by writing and sharing it with those you want to hear it.<br />
Hang in there :)