Why They Leave.

I can never figure out what's so horribly wrong with me, that makes everyone run away from me. I've done numerous, over-analyzing looks at my personality and life and I don't understand why I have so very few friends. I have two close girl friends and 3 close boy friends (two of which were actually boyfriends). I think it's because I hate being like everyone else. Often times I think about how easy it would be to buy some preppy clothes and fake my way through life, but then I wouldn't have any real friends because they would be this person-who-I-was-pretending-to-be's friend, not mine.

But I used to have tons of friends and family, now my friends left me and most of my family have either turned their backs on me,died,or just left. Family-wise, it's down to my mom and me (plus my dad, but he doesn't really count because he left us). I have a terrible time with guys, like not just relationships but family too.

And I know it could be worse, but too bad, I feel like whining tonight.

theworldisblack theworldisblack
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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

Yeah, I guess I'm kind of picky about friends, but like you said - alot of people just want someone who will admire them and kiss their butt - and I'm not willing to put up with those types of people.