I've felt lonely for most of my life. I worked as a teen model, and I thought that I was a friendly person, but I was countlessly targetted for mean behavior. Girls have spread rumors, flattened my tires, gossip about me, etc. In my hometown, there are countless parties that I never get invited to. Most weekends, I stay home....I could go days without anyone even calling my cell phone. I am an attractive young woman with many accomplishments, and I don't understand why I have been treated so badly over the years. Even in high school, guys have insulted me as well. In groups, people never ask me for my opinion, never ask how I'm doing, and talk over me in conversations. I would love to have the sort of charisma that attracts friendships easily. I am 26, and right now, this is bugging me more than ever. No one knows that I am struggling with this, because people perceive me as the "pretty model" type. I don't belong to any group of friends, and it seems like everyone else is. There are people that I even go out of my way to email to ask how they're doing, and I don't get a response! I don't get why people alienate me so much!
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Sometimes it does seem like there is a small, but significant collection of really good people who just seem to get left behind. I find it a little mystifying too. <br />
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I am sure that there are reasons, though, and as <b>MEDUSA</b> says they are not always good ones.<br />
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Do you live in a small town or city? Cliques can often be very persistent and hard to break into, I guess. <br />
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Perhaps the reasons have to do with the way you come across in real life. Certainly on here, your story is very friendly, engaging and you present as a nice person. I'm still convinced there has to be something you can do to change your situation though :)

Your story is so much like my story (except I'm not a model!). But I am attractive young woman (I'm 32), smart, well-educated, have a good job and am talkative, friendly and caring. Yet, like you, I never seem to get invited to parties, weddings, dinners or anything. My phone doesn't ring for days either. And in converations people talk over me too, and are not that interested in how I am doing. I don't seem to command much attention or respect the way some people do. I can't understand why this is. I used to have heaps of friends, but as I get older (I am 32) I have lost most of them. People are not interested in keeping in contact with me or hanging out with me, and though I try to be proactive about it I get a poor response. It is hard to make new friends as you get older. Do you think that people may feel threatened by people like you and me and that is why they keep their distance? I am just as bamboozled as you.