I'm Tired of Being Lonely

I have a crush on one of my friends and I told him about it. He said that he didn't want a relationship right now. I kind of felt like I was dumped, but he needs time. I've gone on dates with other guys since then, but I didn't like any of those guys. I'm so tired of being lonely.
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You are young and time heals everything! Sure sometimes it make take a year but eventually you will be fine. Don't worry so much about finding the love of your life but instead try to find your happiness. Go out do something fun like snowboarding, ect. Stop trying to date if your heart is not in it, because it won't solve anything. That's my 2 cents :s

Make him regret it. Just get really busy and it will come along. If you're happy being by yourself he'll come along and if he doesn't there's always plenty of fish in the sea. And I don't mean fish, and I think you get that.

It's hard to be on a date with someone when in your heart you long to be with someone else. This is probably why you didn't like any of the other guys you went on dates with. I am bi and have had a crush on a woman for almost a year. I now know that I will have to start dating other people as nothing will ever come of this situation, but I worry I will be comparing them with her all the time. Still, this is something i have to accept and just see what happens.

I have been taken off on, lied to, cheated on, and just plain screwed over. I'm tired of being lonely too. I just had a similar thing with a friend too. Now I am educated, 26 and fairly with it. He did all these signs, even had witnesses, but (he has a gf) so I finally let it out, and he totally denied everything!!!! I like so few people, and it seems anytime I really connect with someone, I can't be with them. And then when I was younger, and use to settle, the mentioned above happened. What is left??? I put myself out there, don't just stand around waiting. I've taken breaks for myself, and frankly just tired of the whole thing, and outlook: not good! So I am with everyone here.....good luck to all of us.

I understand how you feel....im lonely too. I've never had many girlfriends....i'm 24 now. I work at walmart and i'm dissatisfied. I tried higher education and that didn't work out either.. I just wish I had someone to love...maybe that would make my life a little more satisfying...

Try online dating?

I've been pretty much crazy about the same girl since the first time I ever spoke to her...and that was the summer after seventh grade. I'm 22 years old now, and as much as it hurts, I try to just stay as busy as possible to make myself have as little time to think about her. Regardless of how hard I try, when I'm laying in bed by myself just trying to sleep, my mind starts running and I start to think about her. I'm lonely too....

it's great that you told him, us guys are kind of slow and thick when it comes to picking up on signals... but just keep playing it by ear like Paula said and keep on trying, nothing is ever a lost cause!<br />
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good luck to you, and stay at him!!! :)<br />
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Hi can really sympathise with you I ve had a male friend since I was 15 and we are still friends now and I m 40. Although we dont live that near to each other we never lose contact and when my husband had his 1st affair I phone him and he happened to be back in town and came to see me within about 5 minutes (real friend) I ve had him cry on my shoulder. But I ve always felt like I wish it could be more as I m getting divorced now and years ago he asked me out and I said no now the boot is on the other foot.I d hate to ruin our relationship by saying anything but you never know whether to take a chance or not and I m not that brave at the moment.But the fact your friend saied at the moment does nt rule out that it wont work out later so I would not feel too bad I know its hard but I hope you still see each other and its not awkward best to just carry on as before and pllay it by ear I do hope it works out take care paula

There is always a chance he will come around. I am lonely too but I can deal with it for now.