Getting Used to Being Alone Again

I recently ended a 2 year relationship because I needed space. I really loved him but the relationship was so consuming that I had no time for family or friends. I felt suffocated and needed a break. 2 months later he called and invited me on a date where we had an amazing evening and expressed our feelings and love for each other. For 10 days after this date he would not take or return my calls. On day 10 he finally answers his phone and tells me he is seeing someone else. Now I must move on with my broken heart and get used to being alone. Its only been a month. However it has been so lonely and difficult knowing I am all alone now.


I wrote this experience a little over a year ago. I honestly feel that everything happens for a reason. It turns out shortly after I wrote this he moved this girl in with him. They are still together I know this because he knows alot of people in my family and is in touch with them. Here is the irony of it all. He is treating this same girl so badly right now. He recently sexually propositioned my cousin who is married. He had stopped by her house to fix her bathroom sink. He is a plumber. Anyhow he had asked about me and stopped by her place on other occasions just to say hi. Well she thought these visits of his were because of me. It turns out he was trying to put the move on her. She told him not to ever come by again. Meantime this poor unsuspecting girlfriend of his does not know any of this! I thank my lucky stars right now that I did dump him! This could of been me right now being double crossed by him! I feel sorry for his girlfriend!

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2 Responses Feb 3, 2007

I would not react on this be not for that comment of MysticWriter. In my view you were the first who broke his heart, who needed to be alone and you couldn't have been expecting that he will be waiting for you. You gave him a space to find somebody else. No wonder, I say.

GAWD!!!!! i can NEVER understand how people can be so freakin CRUEL!! i don't care how much mud other people have drug me through....i could never intentionally hurt someone!! i'm sorry that JERK is such a JERK!! you'll heal