What Is It With This?????

I'm reallly sad now,

I keep thinking that it's just me but at the same time (even though I don't wanna care) I feel as though no one even wants to make the effort to be friendly with me....

All day long it's been as though I'm just "there", not really a person but a fixture in the room without feelings or opinions or even good enough for someone to talk to today.

Why's it so hard, I put myself out there various times to try to have a conversation yet no one reciprocated...(<---did I spell that right?!...oh well)

I just want a little acknowledgement, to feel like I matter..... loneliness SUX!!!

Contrarthodox Contrarthodox
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2009

I'm sorry. I wish I'd been there, we'd have been two "refuses" chatting away :-) .....

Yeah it's funny how a little acknowledgement can go a long way. I'm ok being alone but hate being lonely! Just keep going and hopefully someone will come around...