Only Child

I am an only child, I don't have friends that I hang out with..exccept my girlfriend but she has a boyfriend, they got back together whereas my ex and I did not get back together.  It's been kind of lame in the lonesome sense, especially when my girlfriend's boyfriend shows up when we're hanging out at her house.

And my mom is a drunk so I stay away from her when she's being annoying.

LostCocoa LostCocoa
3 Responses May 11, 2009

i'm not a lonely child i have 3 brothers and one sister but they jst don't even come near me or they have negitive to everything i do for myself<br />
i'm glad that you have someone that can talk to you in a postive way

I'm an only child to are we suppose to be alone. if not it really feels like it. The two people i do talk to lie so much its a shame. What do we do? maybe we can be friends. U think......

Oh lonliness... sorrow, and misery!!! These have been my companions since I was a child in thee shade, hiding from thee cruel light ov the sun, isolated from thee rest ov those who hearts are filled with joy... those .... those people who seem to be so fullfilled will come to death's cruel doors, and long for thee past, where we shall march in thee kingdom ov death as victors, triumphant, and free!!!