I'm So Alone. Lonely and Broke

My life is so lonely, my life is so miserable, alone and about to give up and not try anymore.. I hope this will not gonna happen to another person.. It's really hard, everyday im so depressed, im so worried, im so miserable, im so worried.. I am so broke with money.. My husband is in another country, jobless and living with his mother, he's young, im so young too, everything I have already sold and pawned it, bills are overdue, I cannot look for work because I dont even have any money for fare and everything, I am only eating once a day bec. I can't afford to eat regular meals and 3 times a day, I asked for help tothose people can help me, they give but I dont think I can ask for anything anymore, I am paying bills, apartment, connection, electricity, I really dont know what to do... I said this to my husband and he just said i'm doing everything I can do.. He's selfish, he can go back in military but he doesn't want, he can eat 3 times a day and I can't, I'm so skinny right now, sometimes I'm only eating 3 pieces of crackers a day, and im just crying, I just dont know what to do anymore, im so hungry right now, i just want to eat, sometimes I wish for my death, sometimes I am regretting the moment i married him, sometimes i'm wishing i wouldn't wake up everytime i'm going to sleep. I told him, I message him about this but ubtil now he's not talking to me.. He is so selfish and irresponsible.. I reall dont know what to do.. I dont want to live anymore...

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awe I am so sorry! That's terrible, I know you may not like the sound of it but maybe you should go on EBT Foodstamps? I feel bad that you don't eat thats not good for anyone, and I;'m here if you need to talk.

How are you doing now

Have faith and Hope, Talk to your Parents and check if you can go back home. Give yourself some time and leave your Husband

Go back home!! U R young start over!!! Go to school and pray!!!! things will change !!!

you should leave your husband. go back to your parents' place if you can. there's no shame in admiting you were wrong to get married that young with such a person.<br />
don't you have any friends that could let you stay at their places until you find another job. stop waiting for your husband, it's already too late, he's not your husband anymore, his behavior says it enough. when you get married it's a partnership for life, you promise to face hurdles and get through them together. but he's not there, it means he doesn't DESERVE to be your husband. he's definitly not WORTHY to be your man.<br />
if you still love him try to forget him and move forward. what are you trying to do ? stop waiting or you'll die !!!! life is hard on people but sometimes it can beautiful. don't waste your life in waiting anymore. you're just going under a cloudy and rainy sky but soon i'm sure, if you walk further enough, you'll meet the sun again. but for that sunny days to come YOU have to move on.<br />
i'll pray for you, really. (hugs you tighly)

Lord my husband seemed to forget me, im waiting for him everyday but i wait for nothing everyday, I have nothing Lord but you and this songs and this prayers from EP Lord, don't leave me, I cannot do this without you, I feel so weak, I feel like I cannot make through through this night, I feel so weak, my body is getting numb Lord the person i'm getting the strength too forgetting me, I cannot bear you will forget me too, I'm crying aloud on you Lord please look at me, this tears are so painful , this tears and voice yearns for peace and rest, Jesus show me what is my worth, Jesus tell God i'm here.. Jesus touch my husband heart and mind tell him im in pain right now, Jesus tell God I need sleep right now, I feel so weak Jesus.. I really am.. please pray for me

Why dont YOU go in military? If he gets killed just to get you money, how will you feel?

Until now i'm trying to be strong, i'm always praying and praying cause I know God will not forsake me, please I really need your prayers too for me, I'm always crying everyday, everyday i'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night and all I can do is cry to Him.. please tell God i'm here please ask Him too to help me, please God help me.. this is really realy painful Lord please help me im here Lord

I live in another country than yours and so I don't know the right procedures to follow in your situation , but one thing I want you to know is that you are not alone , our hearts will keep beating for you wherever you are .I wish if I could help. Follow the sites rjastein gave above , it must help you .

That was real nice of you you read my mind about the churches etc