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I Need a Boyfriend

If there's a group specifically for this, sorry, but lonely's as good a word as any for it.

All I can think about is holding someone, holding hands, kissing... It's driving me out of my **** mind. From what I've observed of the area I live in, not to mention that I'm not exactly Mr. Socialite, I foresee no nearby end to the problem.

Ringo22 Ringo22 16-17, M 2 Responses Aug 3, 2009

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Well go out and get yourself sumbody! Join a random club, like yoga or something wacky. You'll meet loadsa new people and you won't think you'll be attracted to anyone, but then u'll meet that somebody. That's how it always happens, when you don't expect it.

What exactly are you asking for here? Do you want to meet new people here? Or are you just venting? Because with Dr. Thompson on your profile, I must say I'm interested.