Not Heard

I can't stand bing alone any more. I am with my boy friend who dose not even see me. When I try to talk with him. All he says how come, with everything I try to talk about. I have three sisters. When I call them they talk only of their selfs. I gave advise, On what we were discussing, when I try to talk about me. For a moment I try to get a world in edge wise. only not to be heard, So at this point, I want to hang up! Thinking they don't care enough to listen. why the hell am I still on the phone. I'd Find a reason to say bye. I really don't have a friend. I have alot of love to give but no one to take it. I. am so very lonely.

comotimmys comotimmys
46-50, F
3 Responses Aug 6, 2009

Thank you, Tuboshu, Restricted and Drummingboy. For bing their for me, I really need the help with my lonilnss, and pain. I would like to share my life with you if you don't mine. Back in Feb, 2008 I was. diagnosis cronic decease of the lungs. I did a breaghing test the results where 46% I did the test in Jun. of 2009 The results were at 45% I get out of breaghe, very ease my chest hurts all the time it's very tight. I just can't do what I use to enjoy the things I use to. well lets move on In Nov. 2008 I started having serzure they are small simble serzure, When I have them I can see hear talk. It't like shutting off your lights shutting them off then turning them on fast. or shutting them off for a loner time.I also bite my tungue. I can't get my words out alot of the the I for get alot. I would take my meds. and i'll forget right after, They haven't got my meds. right yet It's been all most a year. Well lets move on. A while back I hurt my self and I have To slip disc in C5 and C6 and C6 and C7 so I have alot of pain in my neck. See why I'm so lonely and afraid of whats to come. Like I sad my old man says how come when I tell him what hurts. So now you know how much I need that shoulder to lean on so thank you all very much. I hope you all will be my friend after This long insight of my life.

it is my pleasure to be your listener.i always a listener,except my husband,no one really want to listen to i konw what the importance of listening is.people are selfishness more or less.every one wants to be cared,we spent too much time to pay attention to our thoughts turned inward.<br />
anyway,Comotimmys,i would like to be your friend.

I can relate to your story, my husband is like that, all he ever wants to talk about is how everyone is doing him wrong..and when I am depressed or down about anything and I try to talk to him, we end up in a fight and it's all my fault. I am so sorry you are lonely too..I am a good listener also, and am here if you ever wanna chat!