i moved 5 years ago to a place were i knew no one and have changed so much. i have no friends still after 5 years yet alone a romantic relationship. i have found comfort in food gaining 100 pounds, my family gets worried about me because i have never been like this before and just keep getting bigger it has been going on for so long that i can't control myself any more. before i moved her i was popular could go to a coffee shop when i was lonely or bored and there would always be someone there i knew,  so i never had a chance to be lonely.  i am now 27 years old look back at my life and find myself wondering will i ever find someone to spend my life with, will i ever have children, will i ever have a friend to go out for coffee with that does not live a 3 hour plane ride away or a 3 day drive because talking on a phone just does not cut it when you need a hug.
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babe i am in the same situation...i mean i was...i know how u feel...i moved from my country to UK 6 years ago and had noone here...noone i knew... I can understand u..if u wanna talk drop me a message to inbox hannah x

I truly understand what you are feeling , sometimes as people we sit around and wait for the opportunity of love and friends to come our way, when truly they are right in your face, and all we need to do it reach out and grab them. My experience I would substitute food to replace the feeling of loneness sitting around feeling bad for myself, but in the end that only made my self-esteem worse and cause a more personal loneness within myself, it made me feel even more worse about finding someone. There is hope I can truly say but now is the time to take time out and get yourself back on track, and truly know who you are inside and out, because in my experience I was so lonely and depressed that when i found someone who i loved I allowed all my emotional baggage and troubles follow me into a new relationship. I hope all goes well be encouraged

i understand too, i have moved alot. i feel for you. hug

Daisy, I am really sorry you felt like that, I hope you are better now. But I will say, if you are still feeling like that, you need to change things by yourself, nobody would if you don't, believe me. You are not happy about the 100 extra p, and you need to stop packing more. Do a crazy thing, like getting tickets and going back to see your old friends only for a day, or something else that will shake the walls you are building around yourself; even joining a free online dating site can boost your self-esteem or make you determined to change, anyway is going to be better than eating. <br />
I hope you are better this days, but if not, if I were you I would look for a job back home and move fast; don't stay in a bad situation for so long.<br />
Have a happy New Year!

my heart goes out to you...i was into severe depression a year ago and it has something to do with issues of the heart,but id rather not go in details.....i was a hundred pounds beauty myself too but i lost 60 or more of those extra pounds in just 3 months...im not telling you to wallow in depression to get rid of those adipose tissue:)...its not healthy though..losing weight is much harder than gaining it,but it can be fun and surely would make you feel better.a bowl of oats and a zip of warm green tea before bedtime worked for me, you should try them=) you are very young and promising..there's so much in store for you...i am 23 and i never been so healthy than i am now...xoxo

I understand where your coming from, its difficult for you. I bet all you see is happy couples and you cant help but think, ''why aren't i like that?''. You can be fine on your own though, not everyone need a partner, you can have a good time being single, getting your job stable and getting promotions, getting a hobbie making your spare time go to good use. Keep to a time schedual, it could help you in lots of different ways. <br />
<br />
With a relationship, how about you go round and see some neighbours? With the excuse ''Hello! i havn't properly met you, and because were neighbours, i thought you might want to meet me properly when you have some free time, do you want to meet up and go for a coffee sometime?'' Because then your giving them an olive branch aren't you?<br />
<br />
Good luck, you will be fine. :)

That could be dangerous!! Just saying ... people wouldn't do that where I come from!! "I haven't met you properly is rather "awkward". I like what you said about being fine on your own though!!

im 21, i have been to 5 high schools and 2 colleges, i have moved a lot, and been the new girls way too many times. actually to this day i have no friends from any of the schools i have been to that i keep in touch with. recently i moved to the neighborhood i grew up in, some old friends have come up to me, but i find that i dont want to befriend them, i guess thats a choice. but also im embarrassed because i have changed so much. in 7 years i gained 65 pounds, recently i started dieting and walking more, and im proud to say i lost 20 pounds. it is all part of an attempt i am making to completely transform my life, and get used to developing a routine. seven years of moving was enough time to get used to constant change and this feeling of being grounded is alien to me. <br />
first step i took was to stop buying groceries all in one shot, so when things are missing i get up and take a walk to the stores, the next step i took was to buy everything organic, or just make sure that it all has lots of colors, not many starches.<br />
and always drink water, [ive always hated soda, but i still had to cut out juice all together]<br />
if you dont want to cut out sweet drinks or sodas, then make your own natural juices and sodas by adding seltzer and sweetening with honey :) <br />
those are just few tips, because you dont have to be a gym buff to be healthy, lose a few pounds and feel good about your self.

sometimes you got to step out of the box


I am like you moved one year ago to a different comunity and culture , actually you should compromise between the bill you pay for your stay and the income ,are you forced to move?think of gowing back home ,if so difficult try to find your man where you are but be careful and dont be in a harry,god with you

Force yourself into trying new things.. Work hard to be in shape and make your own disteny.. Don't wait for anyone to reach out and help you..the only one who can balance your life is you, all you have is yourself.. And guess what, YOU CAN.. There are many homeless people who turned their life just like that.. Take baby steps at first but the key is to keep going..<br />
<br />
You don't deserve to live like that! You're better you know it!!<br />
<br />
look around you, many people can be good friends of yours if you really open your eyes..

I just recently moved and have met a lot of beautiful people, but they are not the people I met and knew back home. A person goes through alot when they make a drastic change. Befriend 2 to 3 people and invite them over when you feel comfortable. Take up exercise... something you have fun with... I used to be 192 and now am 140. It took me a while but I looked at each habit I had acquired and changed 1 at a time. I think social, diet, and exercise is a good order... now you could go to a park and walk...go to a gym.. then you cover your social and exercise need. Take heart, have courage, and learn you are your own best friend. In yoga.. do for yourself what you would do for a best friend...SMILE and LAUGH..and much hugs to you!!

Stop filling the void with food. If your happy with your wieght leave it, if not loose it. But your weight shouldn't dissuade you from making friends. You have to make an effort. You can't expect people to make a connection with you 100% It goes both ways you have to go in 50%, go in for the kill. No one just comes up to you and says lets be friends you have to make an effort with the people you interact with. People at work, neighbors, church mebers, etc. But most importantly you have to stop filling the void with food. The longer you keep gaining the wieght, the harder it is to take it off. And unlike an extreme makeover it isn't always a happy ending. Many people end up focusing on the time they "wasted" struggling as an obese person and get dpressed about it. Don't be one of those people. You're 27 you've got plenty to live for. Just wait it out a while. If your not happy about where you are in life January/Febuary maybe you should consider moving back home, or at least somewhere close by.