Closed In

Surrounded by people, many of whom care for me, I feel so alone. I see things in the world that they do not, I am different, I cannot relate to people, and I am therefore, alone. I live in the middle of nowhere, but even in the midst of a city or even metropolis I would feel the same. Animals like me, but people automatically distance themselves- it's like on a subliminal level, they know I am not like them. I want to be around people who are comfortable around me, so I don't have to be all alone anymore.

VincentValentine VincentValentine
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4 Responses Aug 9, 2009

I hear ya. I am a bit of a loner myself because I often don't fit in with the group, a bit too strange, and I restrain my self from some forms of socializing. Then later some times I wish I was more of a people person but then I think back and it is not that I am not social but like you said (different). When I look back I wouldn't have me any other way so it really comes back to craving like minds of others who understand why we are who we are.

You should read Alone by Edgar Allen Poe. It'll provide comfort and insight.

I am a Poe fan :)

I guess great minds think alike. When I read Alone for the first time I felt as if Poe understood the heartache and despair that seem to always accompany loneliness. He wrote what I felt.

Your never alone pple here in this website understand you though most don't but we do (smile)

...the reason u are alone is because u shut urself down...honestly, i am like u...but u dont have to worry if people think u are one of them or not...*smiles*...have pride in urself and remember ur not alone here...:)