Why Do People Never Call You Back?

Why do people never call me back?

I am sick of leaving cheery messages on "friends" answer phones only to have no one call me back.

Is it just me, hey if you dont want to be my friend or are too busy to call, please have the grace to let me know!

God.. I feel like a really sad ranter, but it just really gets me down!! 

I would like other people to advise me on how to handle this sort of rejection.




ReeBeth ReeBeth
2 Responses Aug 10, 2009

Perhaps they don't feel as close to you as you feel to them?

Hi dontbelong!<br />
Thanks for your response, perhaps I do come across as angry in this story, however its more confusion and bewilderment that people can sometimes be so thoughtless.<br />
I would never dream of ignoring a friend, but perhaps I am just too kind!