It's Tough When You Think Independently

I am lonely because I have always believed in being myself and not joining with unsavory people, because I feared what they would think of me. This has always been my way and it worked until I married and left my home town of South Bend In and moved to Gary  in 1983. Every thing was going fine until 1987 when we moved to different location in Gary. I encountered a family that was and remains unbelieveable they were angry because my family was quiet and private. They went on a social rampage not understanding why We were'nt loud and aggressive like they were. In thier minds we were crazed because they raved normal people are'nt that quiet. Many times we had to call the police to them and when I would ask  the policemen to talk to them they refused saying it would make things worse for my family and if they would come and stand directly on our property, then legal action could be taken. The impact of this group has  made many people aloof from us we are accused of making them silly because we are Quiet! Now isn'nt  that incredible! and thier home was the center of a very large gathering of young boys because   they had a basketball court and the tales that passed on to these kids made them withdraw from my family.Moving was out the picture since my husband's brother lives across         from us they share a close relationship. I learned much from all of this what I learned most of all is how hysteria  begins   among people and the  sad fact of not many people think and chose for themselves instead of believing wild stories and trying to investigate rumors to see if they are true or not by just getting to know a person on thier own, They fall into the sheep instinct and flow with the herd. That's how people bias starts  When this ends for me someday if I ever encounter anyone who has the social  out    casting like I have I will always make a special point to stand by them and not run away from them!

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Have you ever thought that maybe they view your quietness as being disapproving of them and that offends them? I am not saying you are wrong. I prefer quiet people myself but people who need attention from others can't understand people who don't. They attack you because it makes them all feel normal to rave about your quiet difference. If you can view them as the needy ones, maybe they will lose the power to make you feel bad.

I live in a similar area..gossip is the truth even when the concrete evidence contradicts it. I'm an outcast as well but I learned a hard lesson when I decided to pal up with the next people who were treated the same way...they split my throat long deep and wide in order to be accepted into the gossip circles. Amazing what people will do and say to and about another to get accepted. Be careful. No good deed goes unpunished.

Cripes... mad at you bedcause you don't make more noise?? The eff is up with that??

wow, that's ridiculous, everyone has their own degree of outspokenness, respect each others' voices, and eachothers' uniqueness. sucks those tards are turnin the sheeple into tards.