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Hi. I feel that i will never have a happy life, I am on my own and have no family to support me, nobody to give me unconditional love, so all the time  I feel insecure and not confident about myself as I should be. I feel so lonely and have a lot of panic attacks related to the fact that I will never have somebody who will protect me and take care of me. Life seems to be like a constant struggle with no happy end. The fact that i needed to leave my country and moved to UK does not make my life easier.I feel so tired and much older than I realy am( I am 34 years old now). I have a lot of potential and want to do a lot things in my life but I have no enough energy to make my dreams become true, what does make me really frustrated.  I am sorrounded by people who has got relatives who always can provide some sort of support. I have no back up at all and it feels horrible.

If you are in similar situation please let me know how are you dealing with things and going through life.

Thanks and waiting for your answers.

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im in same situation...and in physical pain from a misdiagnosis.. im always alone and in pain.. i eat alone sleep alone and watch tv alone.. i dont even wsnt to live because i have no legacy no family.. nobody cares for me nor do i have back up for emergencies..

Contact me I feel the same way.

I don't have family & i don't have home.i have only my one loves one respect one protect me.but i want my family back.

Its2013,might be a dead thread, but who bloody lonely, and im sick of this.ive been in the uk for 6 years now. Im married with a son. My parents haven't spoken to me in years. And my husband contibutes to my loneliness. Heddoesn't take much interest in me or my son. His family bullied me just because I have no one to fight my corner. After having my son, I realize just how much more lonely I got, and now my son will grow up suffering the same. No cousins, no aunties, no uncle's, no grandad, no grandma. And while im trying my best to be strong for my son, I feel like im tearing apart, because im only human, and I need to lean on someone too..I get weak to. I have no friends. I get social anxiety because of my abusive past. I really wish just for one person who could be there for me. Loneliness is a deadly disease.

I am alone aswell and about too turn 41 I dont remeber last time i had a birthday days just roll into one been like this for 25 years I have no family at all 3 were murderd dont have many freinds and trust no one as keep getting hurt so I know the feeling well a pointless existence for me.<br />
Some once joked I would be late for my own funeral I will as there is no one to bury me lol

I am in the same situation. I have no family at all, and inside I long for love and to be cared for, to feel that I matter to someone. Life is so lonely and frightening when there is noone there for you. Having to wear a mask takes so much effort, but when I drop it, there is noone there to give me the comfort I need. You are not alone in your sad situation.

Hi guys,<br />
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Ive been reading all your posts, as i am in a similar situation. Except i have been in a relationship for the past 3 years. A relationship i need to leave, or will go absolutely insane. Please value your own strength, and please please, appreciate the fact that you have your independence. I was 32 years old when i met my boyfriend (we were engaged, but i broke it off), completely naive, thinking life would be easy and great when i finally met someone who would make me "whole". What a load of bollocks. I have come to realise that i was MUCH happier on my own. Yes, ive learned from this relationship, and i am in no way as naive as i used to be. I have had to: deal with his nutty mother (the lady is actually on anti-anxiety meds because she's always so highly strung), i realised my bf is a coward in his family (he's scared to tell his mother not to wash his underwear for godness sakes!), and at 36 years doesnt demand or command respect from his family (despite my encouraging him), they think they can walk all over me because i have no family to stand up for my points of view. All our arguments have been over his submissive nature. I have wanted to walk out for such a long time, but was precluded by money and my work situation. Now i am 4 weeks pregnant, and considering abortion. I dont want to be forever tied to nutters. Id rather have my sanity and self respect back. So to you all without families, i know what it's like to have noone during the holidays, but trust me, it could be a lot worse. Try volunteering at a shelter to gain some perspective. Just because some people have families, it may not all be rosy. You NEVER know what's happening behind closed doors.

This was last posted in a long time ago, but I found it via Google and wanted to say something as well. Im only 23, but I know exactly how you feel. I grew up in an extremely abusive household where my mother basically took my childhood away. I left when I was 18, and all of my family hated me for it. Fast forward many years later I have no contact with any of my family - my boyfriend is the closest family I have (he doesnt feel were family because of how he was raised, which is fine). I dont know where my family is and the only person I was ever close to in my family (grandmother) died 2 years ago. She would be proud of me to finish school, but since she passed I have little energy to continue. Ive since dropped out of school and am not sure what I want in life. I feel like nothing really matters anymore - its exhausting battling things like school bills, student loans and juggling finances AND finding time to study between full-time work. Im very lonely, and holidays are horrible for me. I know exactly how you feel.

I am 30 years old, my parents both passed away and I have no siblings. I am not close to my extended family and only talk to a couple of them once in a while. Holidays are always a sad time for me...I am dreading christmas once again. You are not alone.

I know that life sucks. it is what happening to me since I was a child so its thirty years already. I dont believe in fight any more. but you are young and maybe thats the first and the last trauma in your life so you might get over it and be ok one day. I wish you all the best NEVERMIND

Three weeks ago my father passed away, I found him dead in a pool of blood, I'm turning 18 in three weeks. My friends are avoiding talking to me about it when that's all I want, someone to be there for me and take care of me, I have to take a cocktail of pills to get to sleep now. I have no other family exept my mother.<br />
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All my friends have large families.<br />
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life sucks mate, you gotta try to battle through it, I am.

I know what you feel about having no family or friends. <br />
My family is very mixed up and cannot give me unconditional love either. Worse they have made it very hard for me to trust people so that I may find support. I know that it is up to me to overcome this and not be a victim.<br />
<br />
I think it cruel that people can say we are just caught up in a loop of self pity without realising the pure strength and courage it can take to trust people. <br />
<br />
For my own survival I have had to build a fortress about my heart when younger. Now for my survival I have to find company where I can undo that fortress.<br />
<br />
I get so self critical when amongst people and assume that they are putting me down. I know this is irrational but trying to shake this irrationability exhausts me. In these times I do find strength in walking a beach alone with my thoughts.<br />
<br />
Its like I need to be alone to get the courage to try to not be alone.<br />
<br />
I have moved about a few cities and had friends I have had to lose. Each time I lose them I see that they were tolerant and respected my need to have boundaries. But it make me sad to realise that had I let these boundaries down they would have not rejected me.<br />
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But right now I have no friends. I have been in this city almost 2 years. I am no longer studying and find that workmates all have their own supportive families and friends while I stay a new comer to the city. An outsider. It is hard to stay optimistic. I get very tired in my heart. I get so jealous of workmates who casually comment on their wives or family. Its a battle aye! We just have to hang in there.<br />
<br />
Believe in that potential within.<br />
<br />
I have some things that help me. <br />
-Go easy on myself... I recognise now that I beat myself up terribly unfairly<br />
-Time out... Doing something that makes me happy in a healthy way... walking the beach... cooking...<br />
-Recognise that I cannot measure myself up to anyone else... because no-one else is me.

my friend you have right and all right to say what you saying ,<br />
but the person can conform him self to accept the realty and fit in the case which he face it .<br />
<br />
my friend don't judge a book from it's cover allot of people the reason for there sadness is there family .<br />
<br />
why don't you try to make your own family get married and have children and get a good friends .<br />
<br />
don't be sad nothing in the world worth to be sad about .