One More Stinkin Night....

September 20, 2006
One more night, I face the world alone…one more dark, cold and lonely night….
And, I pray that the next sunrise, once again, will bring its promise of renewed hope for…
…something new. Anything but this heart-wrenching monotony.
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How about making this your last "stinking night?" You begin by taking full responsibility for your life up to this point. Then you realize that you are not your feelings. You just have feelings. That means you control them and can let them go if you want. learn to let go of the negative ones. When you do, your perception will become clearer. You will be working with the "now." You might start here.

This is Jack's lonely night. Maybe prayers are all we got to make it through each day. People will always bail on you. No matter what.

I empathize with your pain. Are prayers the only hope we have left?

my girl friend felt like this wit me !! . . . I dont know what it is :'( i love her so much but she still feel s like this . . When i get fustrated i shout and talk **** and it drive s her more down . . . I cant stop my self i love her but i dont want to because am hurt ing her when i do

Are you better now ? I just read your story. I have had many lonely nights too. Now I am married......but still alone.

Every new dawning is a chance to make life better in every way. It is up to us to decide to make it happen.

Just seen this .. thanks Glowy :)<br />
Hmm .. few people know how my life has been, it certainly would not be my choice, but I dont stop plotting and planning to make big changes. I have just changed my job and met lots of new people. I am learning Reiki and meet lots of new people. I make effort to maintain friendships both here and in RL.<br />
I have much loved pets and though life is often sad, it is also often fun and certainly never boring:)

I think what Tas might be saying...and I have known her for almost 4 years here on take the chance. Even if you've taken the chance a hundred times before, 101 might be the ONE. She has done this with so many things in her life. Some things end in tears, some end in boredom, but to be trying...<br />
<br />
I've been here. The "I am lonely" group. It's the group that found EP for me. When I didn't go anywhere, or do anything out of my comfort zone -- I stayed here. It was a very crippling thing. That perpetuates itself. Going to bed alone. Waking up alone. Feeling nothing but the separateness. It's silly. But EP helped me out of that. I am not alone anymore. These people on EP...they changed that. No, they don't come to my house for dinner. They don't hold me when I'm hurting. But they do what they can. They are here for me when I am alone. They make me feel worthwhile when I feel worthless. They help me be a better version of myself. And they gave me the courage to do things to change my circumstances. <br />
<br />
Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are you doing to help that plan happen? What are you doing to make your life happier? <br />
<br />
I hurt for those who are here, who are lonely. Because I have been here. But Tas is right. Your loneliness won't go away if you don't try to help yourself. Figure out what you're attracted to that brings you to men who are only around for a little while. Figure out how to change that. Understanding yourself and your motivations can change so much in your life, if you have the courage to let it.

Yes i can agree with that also. I can empathise for both views. Ive never been able to percieve the changes or moves i need to make in as an obvious corrective nescessity, so cant really apply your advice. And as there appears to be so many in the same boat, it may be bordering on unattainable to the majority. But great idea anyway.

@ OrangeTas: Inquiring minds want to KNOW........."What" is it that we should be planning, plotting, trying??? I'm 63 and have struck out 100% of the time, with the exception of a few "kinksters" that want that "drive by" stickin' around to be friendly or even SPEAK the word love..So what are we NOT DOING that we should be doing??? ;o) xx

hear hear. Well said

It is my experience that even just facing another direction I see things differently. meet new people and have new opportunities.
Just saying what makes a big difference for me.

I'm always among my classmates, but I also feel lonely

I understand....<br />
<br />
<br />
HUGS!!!<br />
<br />

i can relate to that very well!!

Dont just wait for things to happen I think you have to plot plan and act to create change

Yes if only we could do that.

You're more than double my age and this post made me actually say 'aww' out loud... It's sad, yet beautiful <3

Darling, you are still so young. I am 52. Reach out to those guys, there are still good ones out there at your age. Maybe you are so attractive they feel you might reject them. Give the almost attractive guys a chance, they might have more to offer then you could imagine, like true love. If he gets all choked up when trying to talk to you, he is probably a loner...but a real good person.

One more night, one more morning, one chance encounter, one moment of bliss, my wish for you.


I know exactly how you feel. Isn't it strange how there are so many people in the world and still we find ourselves feeling like this? Hug :)