I Am Lonely

i go to work come home go to work...i think you get the drift.

im lonely as hell i have no friends.if i go out at night i have to go out on my own. on my days off i have nowhere to go nobody to see. and i see happy couples and i get so jealous is there something wrong with me?

defoekeane defoekeane
36-40, M
3 Responses Oct 23, 2009

It's all in your way of perceivieng that you are lonely, and please heed to durkheim091508 's words to get out and start living. You have to make a decision that you want to get out of that lonely feeling and you must start helping yourself, you have to take the first step. You will realize that there are many people around who will respond positively. I am one of them. I am willing to help. I pray you will start now! Hurry up you are missing a lot! Our Father God in heaven wants us to be full of life and joy! If you often feel lonely start brushing away the loneliness. If you can start doing an early morning walk, seretonin is being pumped up and you wil start feeling good.!

Whenever I feel lonely I realized that helping others improves my self-worth. I decided then to be more active in my community. This led me to teaching part-time, joining our choir and other social groups. What I realized was that my loneliness was linked to how I perceived myself and how I dealt with this emotion. <br />
To put it simply, get out of the rut and do things you've always wanted to do! Join a cooking class, go to the gym, be a member of Rotary, go back to school. Life is too short for regrets! Get out there and start living. =)

its a same situation here sumtimes its so boring i just don knw wat to do ... i kind of wonder y i dont have the frnds that evry 1 has .. y dont i have that sum 1 to hang out with .. but i guess sum pple r meant to be this way ..