Dispite having a lovely family who I could visit at any time, I do find I have to spend long periods on my own, I long for conversation or company with someone my own age,  just for a chat  a coffee  or to have a laugh with. I am not miserable, i keep busy, live in a rural place so getting out and about is a bit resticted   x

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Maybe try blogging, or taking part/volunteering for activities in your area?

Lonely. Umm. There are many different types of lonliness. Do you try to meet people? That's the first thing they say, isn't it? But if you want to share things with someone you have to make the effort to meet the type of person that you could do that with. And that IS an effort, isn't it. It means going out when you are tired, can't be bothered, can't leave the dogs, all these excuses. It's just not going to happen. I have to say that if you are on your own it could be easier to do this than if you are married and lonely. You can't do that. So, as I said, lots of types of lonliness. So have a go!

you can communicate to God you know?

but if you wish you can talk to me too I don't mind and I need to keep myself awake actually it just turned 9AM haven't slept because of's a LONG story lol..

feel free to read:

I spent a long 22 years of arguing with God. Finally it took it's tole.

It was either the bible or the aspirin (suicide) I downed the aspirin. Long story short pain in my chest couldn't breath ringing in my ears (which I still have) and other problems that were NOT fun at all and I would not recommend any one trying.

I ended up in the psyche ward after being admitted into an emergency room for 2 or 3 days.

To make a long story short my parents brought me the bible. I have always had this innate feeling that God was truly real so passionately I believed even though others doubted. There was just some kind of peace that went over me every time I thought about God. Whether it was the weather or whatever else God created.

For 22 years no one told me, no story I read, no preacher in church, no soul on earth except God himself through the written word!; That you can talk to God through the bible.

The hardest thing I learned is that we aren't perfect we mess up and have to admit it to press forward.

Well long story short every page I opened was in direct intimate detail to the questions that were in my head. I would ask a question. Then I'd crack the bible open and get a direct answer. I'd think about something and crack the bible open and it was exactly what I was thinking about.

Finally I broke down and cried realizing God knew my every thought. That he see's through all the walls we build up including physical and mental etc. We think we can hide our emotions from God but we can't. I also encountered quite a few people in there who were two faced.

I asked God who they served and God showed me the truth every time. In the end I found out from other people that what God told me was true. I found out they were two faced and atheist at best. They didn't come out and say it in fact they pretended they were christian but suicidal. They even tried to sing hymns but God warns us Satan can appear as an angel of light. These people were the roomates in the psychiatric unit. And the story is much much longer but rather than make you read a novel I type it short.

I sat on the window sill they had on the psycheward it was made of concrete and I burst into tears.

Whilst I was crying the wind started to get louder and louder and it's sounds matched my exact sadness. Each thought I made the wind matched it in exact harmony the apathy and empathy of the sound was all there. The wind in fact sounded like tears I kid you not.

And just as I was crying and feeling as if God was there I opened the bible and it landed on this verse :

God sings a song of sorrow in the wind to a heavy heart

All I can tell you is it's in the bible I could try googling the verse but no avail I will have to read the entire thing to find it some day.

I've also had hundreds or thousands of times I would think of a verse and it would open to that exact verse I kid you not.

It's been about 9 months I've been reading the bible haven't finished, read a good portion though if that counts. (Since February of 2009)

I've asked God where suicidal people end up the page landed on this exact verse my thumb was on "hell". Same thing when I asked God about homosexuals; so I know both are not of God. It also landed on when I thought about homosexuals or suicide and asked God what he thought of it John chapter 7 "ye are the father the devil he was a murderer and liar from the beginning who aboded not in the truth" so I know they are from the pit of hell pretty much.

There were moments when I was in the psycheward and I asked God if jesus was really crucified because I had doubted even with all the telepathic answers I received through the bible I just wanted to know for sure. And God knew that direct communication was the only way to make me aware which is what happened. And still to this day when I flip a page or have a thought or question God answers it through the written word flipping exactly to what I need to see and read. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was crucified for our sins and rose again for us and wants us to believe in him so that through him God can come into our hearts and we can be saved.

I can talk to God to this day through the bible and God always answers me as it says he will never leave nor forsake you - nothing can separate you from the love of God.

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