Nuthn Is Goin Right In My Life Thnk As If My Stars Of Fortune Are At War

my closest n best friend is gettin married ..havent met her since 4 yrz....n nw whn shez getin maried cnt evn aford to gve her a gud weding gft at presnt..cnt evn meet her for last tym evn..relations wid parnts hv suckd since begginin...n lyf at uni totally sucks.......thr r clsmates who call thmselvs frnds but no one to gve evn few words of supoort whn required..em emotionally shattrd ....whch is effectin my studies tyms em so much ovr stressd wid the situations tht cnt work peacefully...relations wid professors r becumin worse n get insultd more frequntly nwadays n none of the clssmates to offr any support or encouragements....evrythn sucks!!!!!!!lyk hell.keep thnkn about ppl leadin hard lifes n keep gettin sad bcoz of their sadness..sumtyms lyf z just lyk dat....

myheartislikeanopenhighway myheartislikeanopenhighway
3 Responses Nov 2, 2009

Yes, remember that you feel like everything is against you and the world has turned it's back on you...but there is always someone worse off than you. <br />
I feel like right now the world has turned it's back on me and things couldn't get worse, then a friend comes into work and tells me about her ill husband.....makes you think

i love nature,r u really syrian by the way

Just remember, someone somewhere has it worse than you. If that doesn't help cheer you up, go on a walk on a nature trail and enjoy what you see.