not alone, but lonely.

I am not alone and i dont feel lonely when it comes to friends, but that lonely feeling when you havnt felt the affectionate touch from someone you like alot or even love is whats missing. I have been with friends almost non-stop for the past 5 weeks, and it seams the only times i dont feel lonely are when im by myself with a distraction or asleep. I dont want to discourage people from talking to me but it almost makes the lonelieness worse when i am talking to someone i want to be with, even just a friend that i havn't seen in a long time. It makes me long for their face, hand and hug. to hear their voice in my ear. I am a sensory person and the lack of all senses when talking to someone doesnt work too well for me. when i chat with someone i like to have a photo up of them. i get lucky sometimes and a friend will have a cam on so i can see their movements. but if I had NO contact, its even worse. So to all my friends that i have, thank you for being my friends. You make life worthwhile.

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2 Responses Nov 11, 2009

I understand the feeling. I am not alone. Heck I am married yet ache so deeply for a touch, a hug, a kiss, the intimates of life. I remember how wonderful our love was, and so many thing set off the memories like when he walks buy with the cologne I bought him on that drives me wild, or a look in his eye, yet it is only a tease. We even sleep with a body pillow between us. Oh yes I am truly lonely.

I, like you, also find loneliness easier to deal with when I'm alone. I think you should let your closest friends know exactly what's going on when your feeling this. After all wouldn't you appreciate the same courtesy from them?