I Am A Dam Fool!

Today I got off my bed and took a shower got dressed put my cell phone in my hands got in my car and put my cell up to my ear and talked to myself on the way to 7-11 jump out of my suv and still talking on my cell run into 7-11 making every one think that I am late for my job! I ran to the coffee and almost hit this women who was pouring her coffee, everyone let me go frist, because I look like a foul or I was really late for my important job that i was  on the phone talking about. They all look at me! I felt so important, one man let me go in front of him and i'm talking away on my cell phone and all of a sudden my phone rings and my musice is lady gaga singing put on youre poker face!

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8 Responses Nov 13, 2009

Funny! At least the end. I hope that is you laughing that I hear, laughing at yourself is a good thing.

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While I admire your optimistic perspective on modern life, I find it totally inconsistent with my own experience, and hence I simply cannot share it. <br />
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Of course, it is entirely possibly that you and I have different definitions of "friendly"?<br />
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If by "friendly" you are referring to that kind of mindless reflexive exchange that commonly occurs when one person walking down the hall (or the street) says to another something along the lines of "how's it going?", with the automatically expected response of "fine" (or some other positive affirmation which is most often FAR from that person's reality) coming back in return, then so be it. <br />
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For most self-absorbed folks (the overwhelming majority), that seems to satisfy their daily "social exchange quota". Go figure.<br />
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On the other hand, I maintain the conviction that a REAL "friend" (as opposed to the Facebook kind) is someone who, after asking "how are you?" will actually stop and LISTEN to the answer.

I have to agree with you regarding the fool part. Throwing some tough love your way, girl. Instead of making a scene to get some attention, try just saying hello to someone. You'd be surprised how many other people out there are ready to be friendly back. I dare you to do it and tell me how it worked out. Keep smilin'.<br />

"Better living thru technology", eh? <br />
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I can relate, hun. <br />
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To that point, my observation is that talking to one-self is a common way to drown out other unpleasant voices in one's head, so I suppose there's a trade-off one must make in their own (perceived) best interest..

It has never occured to me to do something like that, I guess you were very lonley. I feel sad for you I would never guess that a pretty girl like you would be lonley. I hope you and someone nice and just right for you find each other so you can be happy

I've done this too. Pretended to get a phone-call, although I used it as a means to have an excuse to escape from somewhere. Just a resturant really, having dinner on my own and feeling like everyone was looking at me. So I pretended someone called me, and cancelled our dinner. But I've sent Xmas and birthday cards to myself. Just to get something in the mail.

hahah we av same ring tone, no bs. this is hilarious. sometimes what i do to make me look important is to dress like I own america

I do that too with my phone too. I can tell you its funny to look at others face when it rings