Lonly As Per Normal

i have a desperate craving to trust people because of my background...

only two problems

1) i find it nearly imposable to trust anyone (writing this now is even making my hands shake)

2) there seems to be nobody that wants me to trust them and no finally admitting what you've done in the past does not count DAD.

bit of a catch 22 with that first one ay.

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This reminds me of a line from an 80's movie with Kevin Kline. His character says "I figure you can live life like everyone's your friend or no one is. Doesn't make much difference." Of course this is just after being rescued from sure death because he was robbed and left for dead in the desert.<br />
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I used to trust new people very quickly, until they gave me a reason not to trust them. I am now trying to learn to grant my trust more judiciously. Several times I've been burned by trusting people who later betrayed me, but when I remind myself to open up a little more slowly, I feel paranoid and suspicious. You would think I'd learn, but for me, I need to learn a healthy middle ground.<br />
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There are lots of trustworthy people out there in the world. It is just a matter of sifting through the people you meet everyday, reaching out to someone... and you build trust over time as a friendship grows. Of course, I need to take that advice a bit more often myself.

yea thats a good saying, my dad says that but he says that a joy shared is a joy doubled as well, lol.

My granny used to tell me when I was young, "Aproblem shared is a problem halved" good luck and just be yourself because that who you are.

ahm! i don't know what am i going to say but its treu its really hard to trust anybody cause we want to protect ourself but sometimes its good to open it up to the person who is close to you and know you well that he or she can be trusted!

i hear you, im suffering quite a bit because i dont open up now, i no its strange to say that but i used to close up to protect myself, now it's like doing that is poisoning me. so im really trying now to open up

Yeah that’s why I like it, lol.<br />
It’s good to talk to people that share the same interests as me.

Just to avoid confusion, I’m a guy

Sorry girls to hear all these. I am not sure which guy or guys broke your heart but Let me tell you there are good guys out there. Just don't give up yet.......I know there are some jerks too.....just be careful on choosing.

we all feel like this sometimes...don't rely on anyone to bring you happiness and fill the void, fill it yourself.