Over The Hill And Alone

I guess I am doing life backwards.   I had tons of friends and a great job in my 20's, 30's, and 40's.   Last year I lost my job, and then my husband, who I adored, left me.   I have only worked about 6 weeks in the last year.   My folks were not happy about taking me in.   I have been moving from place to place, staying with friends and cheap motels.

I finally got a temp job, and it's in the stix.   My closest friend is 5 hours away, and family is a plane ride.   I'm living in a small town, in the mountains.

I have no one to talk to except my dog.

Why did my husband leave me, and leave me homeless?

Will I ever had a great job and home again?

If I didn't have the dog, I would just CHECK OUT.

MsPongo MsPongo
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2009

why dont you move closer to your family and friends? being around people matters the most, esp. when you're going through such tough times