Longing For A True Friend

My one and true friend died about 5 years ago, Donna was her name.  That girl took some mighty fine secrets with her when she left but she also took a piece of my heart with her.   I often heard that you only find that one true loyal friend in a lifetime and I am beginning to believe it.   Today, there is so much pettiness, competition, whatever, in friendships.  I have NEVER gone after a "friends" man or talked behind my friends back but it doesn't work that way for me at least - there seems to be NO trust - people have become so selfish these days - out for me, me, me - not once thinking about that other person.   I am simply looking for someone, male or female, who will be a TRUE friend - someone who will be there in the good times and the bad, someone to laugh with, cry with, share life's ups and downs.  Donna and I would hop in the car once the kids were on the bus and just hang out and shop, gamble a tad bit (sometimes a tad bit too much :) ) or just sit and drink coffee and talk for hours about anything, everything or nothing at all.   To me, that is a TRUE friend - someone I can share my secrets, hopes, dreams with - and not have them broadcasted for the whole world to hear.  It is rare if you can find that in this day and age.   

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sometimes life just tests you and tests you doesnt it,you have been through two major losses and yet you are still standing,still believing in life which shows that you have amazing inner strength,i am sure that life will guide you and help you know where to go and what to do.i think meditation is an incredible tool for life as it helps you to be still and listen to your inner voice.or the voice of god or your guardian angel whichever you prefer to call it.

I hear you. I've also lost my one true friend. It's rough, knowing that you've already had the best friendship you're ever going to find. But like you say, everyone is so petty and such that it's a true and rare treasure to find someone to understand you and talk about anything or nothing with.

You are soooo lucky to have had such a true friend. I have always wanted a true friend but have never had one in my entire life. Like you say there seems to either be competion between women or bitching or gossiping behind your back or like me I always felt that i was second best with the few friends that i did have. In other words if any of my friends had a choice of hanging out with another friend then they would if not it was me.<br />
I do know how lonely you must feel, as I was left on my own with 3 children from the age of 20 there father worked away and only came home on occations, god i was so lonely, it got to the point that when he did come home he never helped me with the kids so i thought if I'm going to be on my own i may as well do it properly and leave him.<br />
My kids never forgave me for leaving there father and neither did he! he would try to discredit me to them at every oportunity, but he never gave up his job to look after them that was still left to me.<br />
Now my kids are grown and don't talk to me it's as if they hate me because i met and married some one else, he did more for them than there father ever did, but they just cant see it.<br />
There father would only occationally by them birthday or christmas pressies, and never payed any miantainance for their upkeep but i'm the one being punished not him, sorry to bore you with this story I've gone of the track a bit I'm afraid.