Being Alone Sucks

   I was in a short relationship and fell i love, it ended rather abruptly and I still love this person, now I have no contact with them and that really hurts, I feel like a piece of garbage thrown in the trash, how can someone forget someone they loved so quickly, it seems to me it is a one-sided thing, she puts it on me saying I am a liar and their is no future with me, well I do not lie and her saying their is no future is just an a way for her to feel better about herself.  I do not know my future so how could someone else possibly know this, I am very confused and hurt and cannot get her out of my heart.

LanBobway LanBobway
2 Responses Nov 12, 2007

Thank-you for your concern warmth, I appreciate it alot. I am getting by this but it's still in my head alot. God Bless You.

so, if she says you are a liar and you aren't and/or didn't, then that says something about her. try to be ob<x>jective and see her for who she really is. then you keep looking until you find the right one.