Though I'm not always alone.. I feel lonely nearly all the time. I'm not really sure why.. I just feel like I can't be complete self around anyone even my best friends and even my family sometimes.

Most people just don't bother with me.. I mean I know I'm shy and that makes it difficult to talk to me.. but that isn't all my fault. Or is it? I don't know anymore.. I never used to think it was my fault. I really want to talk to people and make new friends. I just want people to like me.. but now I wonder if it is my fault. Maybe I'm not trying that hard enough at all. I thought I was but maybe not.

No one understand me at all though and I feel like my true self is kind of being hidden from everyone. I try hard to be me but I end up failing and then pushing people away because of the shyness barrier... and I'm scared of getting to close to people because I don't want to get hurt.

I don't know what to do really.. I really hate being lonely... I've been lonely for my whole life basically.. even if I didn't realize it before. It's just slowly killing me.

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I feel the same way. If you ever want to talk about message me.

Thanks :)