Too Busy To Be Lonely For Long

Well, I guess in general I do feel a bit lonely. Long term female friend has cooled to "friend" status and working night and day leaves little time for any activities to dispel occasional bouts of loneliness. Just got past my 61st birthday and realizing how short the rest of my life is as compared to when I was younger and it bothers me a good deal. So much of my life over the past 25 years has been dominated by teaching night and day that I have come to realize that I have little life and few friends. Hell of a thing to realize at 61. (60 bothered me a hell of a lot more than any other birthday) So now I am trying to focus on what I need to do about being lonely. Not much until I change some things in my life like dropping one of the jobs I currently have by my next birthday. So looking at early retirement from Social Security in November. Of course, my private school job may not be there by then so that may correct the night demands. (I work at a private special needs school for adolescents with shrinking enrollment etc.) So then what do I do?

I guess I need to reconnect to the things I used to enjoy when I had a "life". Used to work with Boy Scouts as an adult leader. Used to be a member of a couple of veterans groups. Used to like going out to dances a bit (singles club etc.) Used to like singing in a chorus a lot and my look up community chorus in the local area and see what develops. BUT, lot depends on shifting off the night time work requirement I guess. Love to teach and cannot think of myself as anything else but need to re-identify myself for the future I guess. But, what is that really? Former teacher? Former Naval Officer? Former production manager? So many "former" whats at this stage of life and now to define myself yet again.

seigar seigar
61-65, M
Feb 7, 2010