i   am a lonely recovering  meth addict  i own  my bussiness and have alot of free time  i really need a friend to help me get through rough times when i want to use but i dont want to bring anybody down i try to do for others and i am very softhearted at times . i am also agood listener  im nobody special  just somebody trying to understand life a little better and somewhat learning how to be happy and live again

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I totally understand some of the things you feel. If you need to talk just give me hollar.

man . thanks for thekind and encouraging words . i dont know any other people trying to quit meth personally so your comments are very special to me. iwould like to chat more but if not you have already helped more than you will ever know .im new with computers/ a little slow but hope to talk more

I wanted to stop by and give you some hope. I have 6 years clean from a 10 year binge. I am not the same person and a lot of brain cells have done since gone away to the land of friedness. Until recently I never had a use for meth...but I quit smoking cigerettes 1 year ago and gained a bunch of weight and now I'm like....?!?! hmmm?!?!?..... but I remember so vividly coming down and just being as paranoid as it gets and staying up for weeks on end....and yuck... the thought just makes me cringe. THERE IS NO GOOD END TO METH.<br />
Good for you for quitting! Stay Quit!<br />
It sucks big time but we can do it!

Me too! I have been in recovery for 13 months