Lonely Thoughts For The Day... Sorry


People come and go

On their own solitary paths

Our vain paths cross

We mingle like strangers at a party no one wants to be at

But the party is all there is

Are we really just alone?

Seeking meaning where there is none

Any connection made will end

Any love will die

We live deluded with fantasy

Passing fancies

Happy meaningless cliches

To distract us from the death march

That is this life

Tightly closing our eyes to the vulgar realities

Grasping at the straws of empty ideologies

Don't stop to think

Have another drink

Let the numbing drip flow

Let it flow because this is all we know

Don't stop to wonder

Don't analyze your plight

Nothing will ever really make it right

Let the sweet delusion ride

Because one bitter day it will end

And the horrible clarity will come

The wishful thinking will fade

That's the day you start to die

Alone we cry in a crowd

Alone we die amongst the dead

We are really just alone

Tidestruck Tidestruck
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thanks, yes they are mine. I wrote them as lyrics but can't imagine actually writing a song for them.

Feels like that sometimes....