Streetlights From Heaven..

It was quite some time ago since I wrote something which seemed remotely uplifting.. Either called "Experience in the Park at Night" or "To Night and Earth".. sometimes simple things in the world give you a small sense of.. joy or happiness.. or maybe a word which doesn't go under the category of joy.. but.. hope.. and feel.. self presence..

There's a storm expected to come here.. but there's that small silence which comes before it. Snow at it's most beauty, and an empty dark street.. with streetlights which only have the ability to make something as breezing snow.. into.. Stars.. snow which touched darkened street lights.

Falling before us, stopping and look up high as the ambience of the skies of the night.. ..descend.. and perform.. create a small stage of shooting stars toward the Earth.. more unique than the actual shooting stars.. abounding radiance which makes us all.. Feel.
..Feel the cherish of the Earth and be.. To Be.

Being a nobody.. and yet feel a presence of yourself.. to witness the "Streetlights from Heaven"

A small thought which came from the song "Pennies from Heaven" along with an experience.. Nobody is a nobody.. you don't have to be a hero or noticed to exist.. take the first step.. because loneliness is just too undescribable..

Run into the snow before the storm :J

26-30, M
1 Response Feb 10, 2010

You're a Shining matter who you are..Earth, Wind, and Fire